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DOWNLOADS for Teaching

In case you would like to download Images or Animations from this OSCB Website - Please respect the following:

Downloading Images and animations from this OSCB Website 

The OSCB images and animations

  • can ONLY be used UNCHANGED, as they are downloaded,
  • TOGETHER with this REFERENCE:  "Image/Animation from the Ocular Surface Center Berlin (, Courtesy of Erich and Nadja Knop - ENK"

The use of the images or animations or other material from the OSCB Website for PUBLICATION of any kind and for COMMERCIAL Use of any kind is NOT allowed !


In order to DOWNLOAD images for your personal teaching:

  1. Go to the Donation Page / ´Giving´   => of this OSCB WebSite
  2. Note in the form
    1. your name and/or Email Address AND
    2. how many Images and/or Animations you would like to download
  3. PLEASE DONATE via the ´Donation Page´

o   for every STATIC Image:  11 Euros

o   for every ANIMATION:    29 Euros

                    Then, please download the images or animations


Everyone of you, who has ever prepared high quality images, surely knows about the enormous time and effort it takes to produce such images ... not to tell about the animations .... that can be a nightmare - but, when finished they are great.

Therefore, the specified donations can not be anything like a purchase price but they simply show your appreciation and respect for those who have made the images.

ANY USE OF CONTENT OF THE OSCB WEBSITE - other than your PERSONAL USE of downloaded & donation-covered Images or Animations for YOUR PERSONAL Teaching - is NOT allowed !

This copyright applies to all material, including the text on the OSCB WebSite, which is not allowed to be reproduced and/ or used in or for Publications of any kind or for Commercial use of any kind without further permission from the OSCB.